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Find the BEST Residential Deals
Before Your Competition

A complete toolkit to find the jewel in the mud. Real Estate opportunities are everywhere, you just need to know where to look.

Hyperlocal Trends

Hyperlocal residential data set that includes Parcel, POI, Risk, F&I, Tax, Deed and Listing Data

Neighborhood Quality

We calculate the quality of life for all neighborhoods, zip codes and most buildings.

Market Demand

Knowing how much demand a deal is pulling gives you an edge during negotiations

Value Reports

Your confidence is powered by industry standard AVMs that give you fast and accurate home valuations

Projected Returns

Learn how a property's value is likely to change over the next 5 or 10 years along with its potential returns.

Property DealRank™

Our ranking measures the relative value of a property based on similar active listings and closed sales

Close More sales with Insights for Realtors

Overcome objections with ease and turn every indecisive buyer into one with conviction ready to sign a contract

Live CMAs

Run and customize Comparative Market Analysis for any property just a click away.

Negotiating Power

Enjoy better negotiating power when a property is not ideal.

Investor Language

Earn the trust of your investors by speaking their language with confidence.

Predict Returns

Have estimated returns ready
without the extra work

Winning Position

See how fast you can sell your irresistible listing with the right positioning

More Eyeballs

Attract more buyers and investors with predictive returns and analytics

Close Faster

Get a quick turnaround and boost your GCI by double digits