Intelerit Real Estate Analytics

The world's most effective real-time market analytics platform.


So we made sure you have it all,
as you need it, without being overwhelmed.

First Class Real Estate Search Engine

ROI Driven Property Search

Cap Rate, Cash on Cash, Gross Yield, Rental Rate, Internal Rate of Return... we are financial geeks, we speak "investorish".

The Best Deals Show Up First

DUH! But then why is this not the industry standard, and none of the top 5 listing platforms offer this? Yeah... we don't have that answer either.

Flexible Filters

"I really want a pool" often also means "I'll take that other listing with a backyard for 50k less, and build the pool myself". Yeah, we have this too.

Investment Scenarios

How much can should we offer to make this house a great deal? What's an attractive price for my new listing to move it fast? Yep... that too.

Live CMAs

Comparing apples to apples is important to educate your clients. You'll love our automatic live CMAs you can customize.

Projected Returns

We do the math for every single property and show you projected returns on whether your customers plans on holding short or long.

We are all in

We are the only Real Estate platform with deal sourcing automation and relationship analysis under the same roof. We empower Realtors with the solutions to hit those top performer numbers they aim at.

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