Agents, take your Real Estate game to new heights

Find the best deals first and

turn relationships into clients.


The Best Realtors

Know Their Market

The Best Realtors

Know Their People

We have the data, we have the network, we have the intelligence

A new way of doing Real Estate

The Traditional Way

Office and Excel copy/paste masters
Take a guess when your clients will move
Spend days searching for good deals

The Intelerit Way

Evaluate properties in real time
Rank clients based on propensity to buy/sell
Get the good deals front and center in seconds

Stunning Looks & Functionality

Powerful doesn’t have to be ugly

Go ahead, take it for a spin. This is Real Estate for the 21st Century

In and out. Always one click away from your destination

Over a 1,000 data points for every property analyzed hourly

MLS, Public Data, Foreclosures and more. All at your finger tips

With Intelerit I feel I have an army supporting every interaction with my clients. They are happier, I have more time to focus on the personal touch of the transaction.

Vanessa S.Realtor

After more than 25 years in the business, I never thought my customers will see me as ‘cool’ again. Thanks Intelerit!

George M.Realtor

I’ve learned more about real estate investments in the last two months [since using Intelerit], than in the past 5 years selling residential deals

Charlie F.Realtor

I think this is a really cool tool. I use it all the time with my international investors.

Scott T.Realtor