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Cut your research time and administrivia tasks in half

Stunning Looks & Functionality

Powerful doesn’t have to be ugly
Hot Looks

Go ahead, take it for a spin. This is Real Estate for the 21st Century
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In and out. Always one click away from your destination
True Power

Over a 1,000 data points for every property analyzed hourly
Solid Data

MLS, Public Data, Foreclosures and more. All at your finger tips

A new way of doing Real Estate

The Traditional Way

Office and Excel copy/paste masters
Take a guess when your clients will move
Spend days searching for good deals

The Intelerit Way

Evaluate properties in real time
Rank clients based on propensity to buy/sell
Get the good deals front and center in seconds

Everything in one place

We are a Realtor’s best friend; a friend with insights,
your 24/7 concierge, your market expert, your social guru.

With Intelerit I feel I have an army supporting every interaction with my clients. They are happier, I have more time to focus on the personal touch of the transaction.

Vanessa S.Realtor

After more than 25 years in the business, I never thought my customers will see me as ‘cool’ again. Thanks Intelerit!

George M.Realtor

I’ve learned more about real estate investments in the last two months [since using Intelerit], than in the past 5 years selling residential deals

Charlie F.Realtor

I think this is a really cool tool. I use it all the time with my international investors.

Scott T.Realtor


With Intelerit Market Intelligence and Concierge Services